Promotional comic/brochure design


Interactive Traditional Stories

Bòrd na Gàidhlig works to promote Gaelic, and strives in partnership with the Scottish Government, the people of Scotland and the Gaelic organisations to improve the status of the language. When The Learning Centre was ...


Anti-sectarian and bullying campaign in Scotland

Them and us commissioned The Learning Centre to create a series of learning materials about sectarianism in Scotland. The team developed a range of graphics, icons and illustrations to fully document this subject. Using marionettes ...


Air quality campaign

This educational package was commissioned by North Lanarkshire Council to create an action plan for air quality. The illustrations are based around three scientists that are investigating and advising about air quality in Lanarkshire. The ...


Brochure for loose materials used in schools

This place is like a building site is North Lanarkshire Council and Grounds for Learning’s report on the introduction of loose materials to three primary schools in North Lanarkshire. The design is based on unrestricted ...


Branding material

ADTZ is a leading social-media marketing agency specializing in creating campaigns on Facebook. They required series of icons and illustrations to promote their business. The idea of branding the icons with their own logo has ...


Festival event


Graphic Novel (drafts)


Illustrations for books

Leckie & Leckie is Scotland’s leading educational publisher. They are committed to publishing books, for students at primary and secondary level, in order to help them achieve exam success. Over the last eight years I have ...


Animation for council’s psychological services

 Each locality in the council has a designated mental health team, which works as part of the wider community mental health team to provide quality and consistency in the mental health service.This was a small ...


Real People’s Logos


Packaging and logo design